5 Steps To Make A Simple Skincare Routine Feel More Luxurious

We all know that spending a large sum on a little skincare treat often feels like a big warm hug on a rainy day. This feeling is precisely why the skincare industry is thriving. Skin is in and the trend is not going anywhere. 

When so much of our lives feel out of control, taking our makeup off at the end of the day and luxuriating in the skincare routine thereafter can really feel like a true joy. 

I am a person who is wholly a victim to my environment. I need things to feel pleasing and look pleasing and for this reason an expensive and elaborate skincare routine can really feel like pampering.

However I’ve tried tons of products and always come back to the simplest and most effective routine for me. Though it’s not luxury, there are small things you can do to get excited for your drugstore skincare routine. 


This is the single most important trick I use to take the experience of my drugstore skincare routine from austere to opulent. You can find vintage or modern glass screw top jars on etsy or amazon. 

We all know that the right packaging for your products ups the experience tenfold so why not take your boring plastic Cerave Bottle and repot into a nice jar. Just be sure it’s airtight and washable. 

Change the Lighting 

Yes you live in a small and shabby apartment but there are plenty of tricks to make your bathroom feel like a spa. A small salt lamp nightlight can change your entire shower and skincare experience. The pink glow is cozy and the salt lamp itself has healing properties. 

Organize your bathroom

Nothing feels expensive or luxurious in clutter. Declutter your unused makeup, toiletries, cleaners and skincare. Simplify your space and your routine will feel more lavish.

Be Discerning 

Masks and scrubs can seem like a wonderful way to treat your skin but there’s a lot of research suggesting otherwise. Having a simple, inexpensive and natural skincare routine not only helps your skin but it helps the environment as well. Go with what works for you and save your money when it comes to fancy products with tons of ingredients

Facial Massage 

French women swear by this and they are universally lauded for their skincare efforts. Whether this stereotype is earned or a myth you have to admit a lot of people turn to the french when it comes to skincare. Massaging your face properly when you use products not only helps the skin absorb the nutrients more deeply, it is relaxing. If you give your face a little massage each time you slather on, you set your skin up for a better day. 

These are my tips and I find that they work. After years of products that break me out and money wasted, simply making the routine feel more luxurious keeps me from splurging on new skincare all the time. Money saved and skin glowing. What more could you want?