Lockdown Blues, 5 Little Things I Do To Cope

So here in Ontario we’re smack back into another lockdown, or stay at home order, or whatever. We’ve been in this for the better part of like 7 months. Haircuts, patios and gyms have all been out of the question for a while, however the bumbling sentient Tim Horton’s honey cruller that governs our province gave us a dollop of fresh hope two weeks ago, leading many of us to believe that the end was in fact in sight. ALAS, today there are 4k cases, overrun ICUs and we are back at square one. No patios, no haircuts, no vaccines for front line workers, no structured vaccine rollout plan, just pure unadulterated clownery. 

So it begs the question, how do we stay positive when it feels like the levy is about break. Every person managing throughout this pandemic is living their own unique dour existence be it couples quarantining in eachother’s assholes or parents having to work a full time job as well as ensure their kid is learning via online instruction. 

I haven’t worked since December 13th when I finished a 3 month long background job on Good Witch Season 7 (best job ever by the way and I miss Middleton with my whole entire heart everyday) and being out of work is its own fresh hell. 

We all have our unique challenges with this pandemic but we have one thing in common, we are all just trying to cope. The horizon looks grey and bleak, and the uncertainty weighs heavy on our minds and shoulders. 

So I’ve made a little list of things that might be helpful when it comes to keeping our spirits high and the noose from our necks. 


Just do it. Do it as much as you want. Spend money to make it comfortable and cozy and really indulge in it. Our waking hours are so full of stress that we need z’s to repair and restore our minds and bodies, readying us for another day in the plague. 


I know. It’s shitty to say exercise when most of us barely have the mental energy to make coffee but every article, website, tweet, youtube vid, book and conversation with my roommate recommends it. I get it, it’s hard and uncomfortable and vulnerable but once you get over the hump of the first day it’s easier. The benefits are almost instantaneous and something nice to look forward to is looking hot in public if we are ever allowed to be there again.

Treating Yourself without Spending Money

Watch a garbage show (I recommend Blown Away, there is a bad boy of glass blowing and things *heat up*) listen to music you used to enjoy when you were younger or more emotional (The Used) put on a hot outfit and dance in the mirror pretending you’re at studio 54 (personal fav) mix all of the remnants of remaining alcohol in your house into one fun disgusting cocktail, nap in the daytime, pet a dog, take a long hot shower, whatever your little treat to yourself is, do it. Just do it. Who cares anymore. 

Looking At A Map?

Okay this one sounds insane but you are a broken person if you do not find maps interesting. I can look at a map for hours. I can look at a map and then see a little place, google that little place and learn about it. I can do this for a considerable amount of time. Traveling is off limits right now, but once we kick this thing it will open again and a lot of places will be horny as hell for tourism. So start peeking and planning. 

Watching A Movie Where People Are Way Worse Off than You 

May I suggest Melancholia? Or perhaps Titanic? The world is not ending it just feels like it is right now but it’s not. Take heart, things may feel bad but you aren’t plunging to your death from the decks of the Titanic and that is something to be grateful for 🙂

Buying A Little Thing

Buy yourself some dumb little thing that you want. I currently have ROLLERBLADES in my cart on amazon. Forget about being good and make yourself feel nice. If we’re stuck in the house for four more weeks why not try to make them fun.

Time is moving faster and stranger than ever and even if things feel terrible in our day to day, its still important to hug our lives and be grateful. It looks bleak and ugly but things can’t be bad all of the time. There is always balance.

If you’re struggling I’m right there with you, but hopefully this helps 🙂

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