March No Buy Update

I boned it you guys.

I failed so spectacularly. In fact I am about to go to Value Village right now to fail more. 

I guess the sweet sensuous pull of one warm day excited me too much to keep my promise to myself. I still agree that vacuous shopping for the hell of it is a capitalistic trap that makes us feel more alive only when we’re consuming, but I just wanted to look nice in a new pair of loafers. 

The dopamine hits were good but few of them were worth it. So in the spirit of full disclosure here is a list of my shameful purchases: 

I made an order from Princess Polly (that I am sending back in its entirety) 

I bought a snakeskin Artizia wrap dress from Common Sort in Toronto that fits ok

I bought a pair of Zara wide leg jeans (I like these more than some of my loved ones) 

I bought a faux leather mini skirt (perfect for ….being in the house???)

I bought a basic black H&M tank top and sneaker socks (for all of my athletic endeavours) 

I bought a pink bralette from Three Fates. 

I bought a pink top shop shirt.

And I’m heading to Value Village to hopefully score a couple of good books, maybe a nice pair of sandals, a dress and a rain jacket. 

I thought it would be good to tell the truth about failing my low-buy/no-buy month just in case you failed it too. I think in regular circumstances I wouldn’t have failed it but the Pandy makes everything just a bit tougher. Nice days are so revered, and the little validations from strangers (at gyms, on the street, at work etc) are fewer and further between. Now that you can barely see anyone’s faces, style feels that much more important as a means of expression. 

I am in midst of building a wardrobe based on David Kibbe’s Systems so some shopping will ensue but I’m hoping to build a more sustainable closet filled with things that fit and look nice and are better quality, and once that is finished hopefully so is my spending issue. (More to come)

We will categorize this experiment as Well… Tried


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